V-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

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This multi-purpose chemical free pregnancy / maternity pillow is designed to provide optimal support for both the mother and baby while breastfeeding.

Regardless of which position you prefer, this pillow will provide support – easing the tension in your neck, back, and shoulder.

This pregnancy pillow helps you breastfeed in a more comfortable way, without tiring out your arms. It is also easy to carry anywhere – whether you want to use it in your bed, on the couch, in a chair, and even when you’re in a car.


  • Multi-purpose;
  • Support for neck, shoulders, back during pregnancy;
  • Ideal for nursing mothers;
  • Easy to bend and scrunch to adjust to desired position;
  • Machine washable zipper cover;
  • Made in Australia; and
  • 5-year warranty


Color: White
Filling: 850g Premium Memory Resistant Polyester Filling
Cover: 100% Soft Breathable Cotton Cover

Package Included:

1 x V Shape Pillow

3 reviews for V-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

  1. S Gray

    I finally have gotten some good sleep with this pillow! I usually can fall asleep faster on my side, so I thought it might help to have a pillow designed just for side sleepers like myself

  2. April

    Love it. I lay mine on top of a down pillow, stick my shoulder in the “curve” and zzzzzz with no neck pain, no shoulder pain…no waking up a million times.

  3. Jennifer N

    I have always been a side sleeper and before I purchased this pillow I suffered from sore hips along with tossing around all night long. The first night I slept with this pillow I woke up feeling the best I have in a long time. I didn’t wake up in the night from tossing and turning or from my hip muscles getting sore.

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